She is Erin Julianna, self love advocate and wellness entrepreneur. Known for her Who is She?! Podcast and FCK Fear Movement, Erin is giving her all to providing wisdom, courage and a safe spaces for women to grow and power up. 

Since 2016 Erin Julianna has been amplifying her voice with her debut at the MISS Representation art show displaying her first zine: Journey to Self; A Love story. She is a sought after writer, public speaker and creator of the Who is SHE?! Podcast which features the REPEAT after ME segment, where she delivers daily affirmations, health/wellness tips and self love strategies. 

She has lead mindfulness and meditation workshops, with the youth of SAY Play Detroit Summer Camp, Good Vibe Tribecc’s Medicated & Elevated monthly rooftop series in Los Angeles and student organization Wazo Connect on UCLA’s campus.

Erin Julianna is now accepting new clients for empowerment sessions, personal meditation and Reiki Healing sessions